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Hire our private investigators in Midland, Odessa, & Andrews TX

Whether you think your spouse is cheating or you need a criminal background check conducted on a potential employee, you won’t regret choosing Finley Investigations & Security, Inc. We’ve helped numerous Midland, Odessa, & Andrews TX residents since 1998 by delivering discreet investigative and surveillance services.
Our private investigators can help you with:

  • Spousal infidelity
  • Child custody issues
  • Insurance fraud cases
  • Witness location/interviews
  • Research for personal profiles
  • Background checks
  • Driving records

Finley Investigations & Security, Inc. in Texas has the experience and equipment needed to perform detailed and discreet private investigations. Call 432-561-5660 now to schedule a consultation with us today.

Rest easy knowing you’ve chosen experts for your security needs

You don’t want to keep yourself up at night wondering if your property is secure. Know it’s as safe as possible with help from Finley Investigations & Security, Inc. in Midland, Odessa, & Andrews TX. Besides private investigations, we also install security cameras and offer monitoring services as well as guards for hire.

Reach out to our experts today to start putting reliable security measures in place.